About Lux Homini
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y path to photography hardly differs from other "late appointed" and career changing photographers.
As a teenager I had discovered photography - besides painting and drawing - as a medium to communicate my intellectual world by transforming it into pictures, better than I could have ever done this by words.
I started with black and white photography, developing negatives and prints in my own makeshift photographic laboratory. Studies, profession and starting a family have eclipsed my delight for illustrative creativity for a long time.

ou may call it Midlife-Crisis, maybe rebirth, (personally, I see it as a reevaluation of purpose in life), photography has eventually come back. At first tentative as a hobby, later emerging more intensively and time consuming, and finally it turned into a semiprofessional secondary job. Stress and the bad conscience to neglect family and friends was accompanied by the frustrating feeling to stay below your capabilities due to lack of time.

y decision to give up my well paid and reliable job and to plunge instead into the uncertainity of a life as artist was not made light-hearted. Without the confirmation and support of my family, I would have not dared to follow this new road, I will ever be grateful for that. From my personal perspective it is just consequential to let my artistic disposition eventually flourish after such a long time in mere technically orientated professions.